Voyage Caire Mars 2017 – Témoignage


You asked me for a « testimonial » yesterday.

And if there is at least one thing that we could have learned from Cairo, it is that only writing can be transmitted through the ages (at least before the invention of the recorder) therefore a testimonial should be written.

 3 things have particularly marked me during this trip:

1- In the suspended church: the hordes of people that were visiting it. What mostly marked me was one opulent teacher that was veiled and explaining to her students which were a mix of boys and girls the definition of the word « Akbat » and concluded « kolona akbat ».

Though she may have said it technically I know that she meant it in the terms of tolerance and egalitarianism.

 2-the mosque of ibn tulun. The space is just so peaceful when compared to its surrounding.

 3-going into the wakil el ghoul.

At first it was fun, and reminded me when we were kids playing tug of war… but after a couple of minutes when push came to shove and some women were still behind me I screamed at a young man to stop his thrusting. I expected him to get mad and respond by some Egyptian curse to which I could never understand nor reply. Instead he put his hand on top of his head, apologized and stood apart to allow me and the rest inside.

For that but for everything else as well i wanted to thank you.

I truly hope to have the opportunity to visit Cairo again soon.

This trip has enlightened me in many ways.


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